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English Language Services for 28 years

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First English - 26 Years of English Language Services

When I first came to Switzerland in 1993, I started teaching English at my kitchen table.

In 1998 I did my CELTA teaching diploma at the VHS Zürich. After that, my kitchen got too small for all my students, so I converted the living-room into a classroom and when that became too small in 2008, I moved to Reiden.

Over the years I’ve taught First Certificate for the KV Sursee, taught Technical English at the Gewerbeschule Sursee, become an Examiner with CambridgeESOL, and met thousands of fantastic people through my work.

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Back in Dagmersellen in 2003

About Derrick Anderson

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There are Scottish flags on this page because I grew up in Renfrew, Scotland, where I worked as an Electronics Technician.

I love the Scottish countryside, where my brother runs the best bed and breakfast in Crail, and I’m obsessed with Greece. I have chemical relationships with Pollonia on the island of Milos, where my fisherman friend Andreas lives,  Akti Studios on The Methana Peninsula, home to superb hosts, Emiliana and Panos, and Vathy on Sifnos, where Marinos and Irinis will take maximum care of you at Sifnos Studios.



When I get free time,  I enjoy cooking Chinese, Indian, Thai, Morroccan and Greek food. I am also a passionate fisherman, I do karate at KS Langnau in Reiden and I am ultra-keen on British and Irish horse-racing.

andreas rooms
Akti Studios Methana

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